Board of Management


Board of Management

St. Fintan's is a Catholic School under the Patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Kildare and
Leighlin Diocese.

The School is operated under the authority of the Patron and regulated by the guidelines of the Department of Education and

At a local level the shool is managed by a Board of Management.

The Board of Management (B.O.M.) comprises of eight members as follows:
2: Nominees of the Patron.
2: Nominees of the Teaching Staff-The Principal and one other elected Teacher.
2: Elected members of the Parents/Guardians of the School.
2: Nominees from the local community: Their nominees are co-opted on to the B.O.M. by the other 6 members at the first meeting of the B.O.M.
The board of management serves for a term of 4 years and is the authority that manages the school on behalf of the patron:

The present B.O.M. is comprised as follows:-

Bro. Matthew Hayes -Chairperson

Fr. Patrick Hennessy -Patron's Nominee

Edel Parkinson -Principal

Gina Reidy -Teacher's Nominee

Stephanie Moore -Parent's Nominee

Noel Moore - Parent's Nominee

Caroline Moore -Community Nominee

John Carroll -Community Nominee