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Science Day in girls school



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May 2018

Hello everyone, we have been very busy over the last few months.  We have put up some photos of some of the work we have covered.  Two new boys joined our calssroom also.
In SESE we learn about space and the solar system.  We painted aliens and made some rockets in Art.  We wrote about aliens and described what they looked like in English writing.
In Maths we are working away learning about adding, subtraction, money, number stories and a whole lot more. 
We do station teaching every day and we love to read our books.  We are learning comprehension skills at the moment. 
In Science we learnt about the lifecycle of the Sunflower.  We planted sunflower seeds.  We hope they grow!  
Second class have been bery busy getting ready for their Communion. They did a great job learning all their prayers.  We hope they had a lovely day.
We are looking forward to the next few weeks as we have a few more trips to the park, our school tour and our sports day.
Bye for now,
Mrs. Collison and the boys.

Art Work 1st and 2nd



Planting Sunflower Seeds