September 2017

We welcome back our new First and Second Class and we hope they had a lovely summer!     

Our First and Second Class have been working very hard since they have come back to school. Here is a sneak peak of what we have been up to since we came back!

Our Second Class have a big year ahead of them as they begin their preparation for First Penance and First Holy Communion. We have been reflecting and looking back on other sacraments the children have made - the Sacrament of Baptism. Some children brought in some great photos to share with the class of when they were a baby!

In Science we have been exploring the five different senses and the children created their own class poem about the five senses. Take a look!

In History, we have been looking putting our life in chronological order starting right from birth. The children in groups made out their own timeline of stages and events in their lives with some photos included of some of the children's first day in school here in St. Fintan's Boy's National School.

We have also been looking at different types of homes that our children come from in Geography, Gaeilge, and English. We looked at the poem called My House and afterwards, the children made their own poems in groups of the local church, the local shops, a house and our school. They then designed their own mini-Mountrath - open the buildings to find the poems they created!

In Art, we have looked at how each and every one of us is unique and special but yet are a team together here in First and Second Class. After looking at the story of the Crayon that Talked, the children made their own box of crayons with each child designing their own crayon of their favourite colour and self-portrait in the centre of the crayon.

In S.P.H.E., the children have been exploring friendship and the many different ways we can be kind to one another which can help us to make and keep friends! The children wrote one way of being kind to our friends on each petal of their good friends flowers. 


In Science we have been looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs and exploring the different materials that would make the most "durable" home. The boys certainly know what kind of houses they will be getting when they are older - here is them huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf!

Also, we have been looking at the Water Cycle and how water can become "polluted" in our environment. We have discovered "filtration" and have been experimenting home-made filters in the classroom. The boys were surprised to see the dirty, polluted water turn more clearer after their filtering!

In History we have been exploring the local town of Mountrath. We welcomed Willy, our caretaker, into our school to tell us all about what it was like in Mountrath growing up many years ago! He was a great guestspeaker to have and the children were very interested and inquistive. Here we took a photo with Willy. We can compare it to a photo of Willy and his class from when he was a child growing up in Mountrath. Spot the differences!




In Visual Art, the boys looked at 'Pointilism' and made autumn leaves for our autumn trees using earbud sticks!
On the run up to Halloween the boys painted their Halloween night skies and put in some spooky cool silhouettes of Halloween creatures and figures. The boys also made some creepy spiders. Oíche Shamhna Shona daoibh!
In Maths, the boys have been learning all about 2D shapes - the square, the rectangle, the triangle, the circle, the semi-circle and the oval in school. 
Also in Maths, the boys have learned about Data and gathering Data also. We gathered data on the boys' favourite superpower character (spiderman, batman, wonder woman, and superman). We represented as a human graph in the classroom. We found that most of the pupils in St. Fintan's B.N.S. walk to school while the least amount of pupils cycle to school! We also found that the boys favourite animal is the dog and the least favourite animal is the snake. We also made representations of other data gathered using block graphs, tally charts, tables, and pictograms. 
In English, the literacy stations are continuing every morning. The boys are doing their reading with our new reader books to the school, they write sentences from dictation, they do comprehension worksheets based on their reader book, they do some fun literacy games, they go over their spellings for the week, sight words, and phonics. We hope our boys are practicing their reading at home every night - practice makes perfect!
In Gaeilge, the boys have been learning all the vocabulary related to School - An Scoil and Halloween - Oíche Shamhna. Cuir ceist orthu sa bhaile - Ask them a question at home!

Photo Gallery: 1st & 2nd Class



Photo Gallery: 1st & 2nd Class Art Work



Green Schools

We are currently getting ready to apply for our second green flag.  We have been very busy over the last two years making the boys in the school more  aware of different ways to keep energy efficient.  We have recently been to the girls school on a Science afternoon and we learnt abour renewable energy and the water cycle.  We also made kites as part of our Green Schools work.  We have done lots of work in all the class rooms also.  We have our Green School bisit on Monday 6th March to oversee all our hard work so here's hoping we do well.

Valentine Art