In third and fourth we have had a bery busy September and October. 

  • We are learning to play the tin whistle.  We have mastered the scale and are now moving onto tunes, starting with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • We did a lot of surveys and graphs last week in our Maths.  It was interesting to find out peoples' favourite computer games, films, foods etc.
  • We are continuing with station teaching this year in English.  We are doing a lot of writing. stories, procedures etc.
  • In Gaeilge, we wrote about famous characters from cartoons and films.  We also wrote about our houses.  This week we are doing about Oíche Shamhna.
  • In Geography we studied Ireland - learned all the counties.  We know how to fill them in to a blank map!  We also are learning about our own County and our town.
  • In History, we found out about Ancient Rome and are now studying The Celts.  The Celts are very interesting - they did a lot for our country.