Futsal (Soccer) Competition in Portarlington Community Centre 

Our 3rd and 4th class got to go to Portarlington to play soccer against other schools in 5 a-side mini-games. They received their own soccer ball to play with on yard in school during break and lunch and also certificates when we got back to the school. It was a very enjoyable day!


Our 5th and 6th class boys completed a Cycling Programme over four days.

We send notes home to inform families of different activities that are being held in the local area in partnership with local initiatives. 

Parents Keeping Fit!

Our HSCL teacher holds different courses of interest by the parents of the children at our school and Scoil Bhride. One such one was the trampolining course.

GAA Blitz

3rd and 4th class attended a GAA blitz at Mountrath Community School. They had mixed teams with other local schools. They played football and hurling. It was organised by GDA's and TY students. Everyone had a great day!

Family Fitness

Ms. Reidy, our HSCL teacher has organised True Fitness to run their programme of Family Fitness with 3rd and 4th class students and parents. It comprises of 15 minutes discussion of nutrition and 45 minutes fitness workout. This is on every Wednesday in the month of May for four weeks from 2.30p.m. to 3.30p.m. Both children and parents are having great fun!

Our Active School Slogan

Run, jump, skip and play, that's what keeps us fit each day!

Our school had a competition for our very own Active School Slogan. Our winners Michael who came up with the slogan and Kyran who best designed the slogan image were our winners. They received a small prize. 

Active School Committee

These children have been nominated as our Active School Committee for this academic year. We meet sometimes during lunch or at the start of the day to set up activities that will be happening in the school or organise and sort PE equipment for the teachers for any PE lessons. 


What Club Are You In? Survey Results

The boys received a survey asking them what sports/activities they are involved in outside of school. We made up a chart to show our findings! Lots of boys are involved in a range of different sports/activities outside of school and really getting their 60 minutes of daily activity in! We hope to see further increases as our Active School programme continues.

Our Students' Physical Activity and Sports Achievements Outside of School

Here at the school we acknowledge, promote and praise physical activity and sports achievements outside of school hours. 

Here we have William and Aaron who won medals for competing in their boxing club in Portlaoise.

Here we have Hayden and Bob after their trip to Wales with their rugby club in Portlaoise. They came second in their tournament.