Physical Activity

Fundamental Movement Skills 

Each month we focus on a new FMS and we change the display in our PE hall so that the teacher and children can see the different steps. The new skill is taught and then practiced through different games in Physical Education. 

What Club Are You In? Survey Results

The boys received a survey asking them what sports/activities they are involved in outside of school. We made up a chart to show our findings! Lots of boys are involved in a range of different sports/activities outside of school and really getting their 60 minutes of daily activity in! We hope to see further increases as our Active School programme continues.

The Daily Mile

Our classrooms do 10 to 15 minutes of walking and running throughout the school day around the marked out school yard route. We are finding it brilliant to help the children concentrate after - the effect is amazing! Our children are keeping fit and healthy!

Maths Week 

All the children in school over Maths week completed a Maths Trail around the school as well as Third to Sixth Class walking down to the town of Mountrath to complete a Car Park Trail. They had great fun doing Maths while keeping fit and healthy!


All the boys in our school dressed up in their Halloween costumes. After they had a model show of their costumes, they did a "Do Your Talking as Your Walking" in their Halloween costumes, along the running route we use for our Daily Mile. It was a very cold day but the children were not long heating up doing exercise!


Rainy November

For the month of November, our school has agreed to complete at least one busy break throughout the school day in the classroom for the entire month of November! The busy breaks can include a running break, a dance break or a exercise break. The Active School Committee are happily taking charge of this with a chart hanging up on every classrooms door to be ticked off daily.


Christmas Jumper Walk 

Our boys went to spread the Christmas spirit around the local town of Mountrath. They went for a walk around the town in their Christmas jumpers and went to the local park afterwards where each Active Committee member had to demonstrate with their own class a different activity for the whole school to complete. Each class had a game of tag afterwards and we headed back up to school singing Christmas songs along the way. 

We even featured in Laois Today newspaper. Take a look -


Christmas Play

Our school completed a Christmas Play in the local hall. For weeks running up to the two shows, the boys walked up and down to the local hall to practice three times a week. 

Visits to the Local Library

Our 3rd and 4th class visit the library in the local town of Mountrath every two weeks to renew or take out new books to read. They walk up and down from the school. One way of getting our steps in! All the other classes in the school attend various events held in the library too throughout the year. It is great to have such facilities in our town!