PE Self Evaluation Plan



School Self-Evaluation Report

1.   Introduction


1.1                 The focus of the evaluation

  A school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Saint Fintan’s Boys School was           undertaken during the period of January to March 2016.  During the evaluation,    teaching and learning in the following curriculum areas were evaluated:

·         P.E.

This is a report on the findings of the evaluation.

1.2                 School context

We are a six teacher school. Four mainstream classroom teachers, one full time resource teacher and a shared learning support post.  We have 1.5 Special Needs Assistants and a teaching principal.  We are a rural town boys school with a Catholic Ethos.  We hope that children leaving our school will feel that they were treated fairly and kindly by everyone they encountered in the school and that they received a high level of education.  We foster a belief that children should partake in a variety of activities and we try as much as possible to involve the parents whether it is in curricular areas, school masses or Cumann na mBunscol matches, leagues.


2.    The Findings

·         A minimum of 1 hour per week is spent on PE. 

·         A high % of boys enjoy PE.

·         We use a variety of teaching strategies  - including ICT in order to attain and meet curricular objectives.

·         We provide a stimulating environment – good quality tarmacadam yard, (grass area in summer), well equipped PE press and well maintained PE hall.

·         From our observation and evaluation, pupils did engage in learning the majority of the time but for those who found difficulty we introduced shorter times at the games, and adapted to easier versions.

·         We try to motivate all the children in our school to want to do PE by offering a wide and varied range of sports/games from physical, aerobic to non- physical e.g. chess/dance.

·         We are constantly trying to include as many pupils as possible in PE and  PE related activities.

·         We avail of outside support for hurling, rugby, swimming and athletics.

·         We are conscious of providing alternative PE related games/activities for those children who do not naturally enjoy sport.

In preparation for PE

·         All teachers carry out long and short-term planning to have the necessary equipment checked and prepared in order to meet the varying needs of the class.

·         Assessment – children are monitored on their level of participation, on their improvement in attaining a skill, on teamwork.


3.    Summary of school self-evaluation findings.


Our school has strengths in the following areas.


·         High percentage of boys enjoy P.E.

Only a very small percentage 9% of our parents (according to our survey) are concerned that their boys are not getting enough physical activity.


We provide a wide variety of sport related activities to the boys.  Hurling, soccer, football, founders, swimming, athletics, rugby, chess, dance, I.T.,  Go Noodle, fit with Fintans.


·         The following areas are prioritised for improvement.


* Healthy eating policy to be adopted (according to our survey 90% of parents are in agreement with having a healthy eating policy every day – currently it is just one day per week.

- Advice sheets given to parents indicating sugar content of some foods given   for lunch.

- On our website.


*More equipment – sliotar’s needed.


*P.E. every day? – active homework (e.g. 10 squats)