School Rules Discipline

School Rules/Discipline



School, you will appreciate, has to be an ordered community where certain rules and regulations must be set down and observed. Effective discipline is necessary so that children may develop responsible attitudes towards themselves and others. Children must strive to acquire an appreciation of the rights of others, and come to the realisation that conceding those rights imposes certain limitations on their own freedom.



01. Please do not disrupt classes by calling to classrooms during school hours except when really necessary.

02. All children have their lunches in their classrooms under the supervision of their teachers. All children need substantial lunches.
      "Junk"category foods are not allowed in school.

03. Notes are required for the following: (A phone call will also suffice)

  •     Absence or lateness.
  • Leave from school.

  • Exemption from sport or P.E.Failure to complete homeworkRequests to leave the school.

04. Only pupils with Lunch Permits are allowed home for lunch.

05. The School Uniform, which consists of, Grey Shirt, Grey Pants (or grey cords), Wine Pullover and Wine Tie should be worn at all times.      Pupils may wear School Tracksuits to School on P.E. days. You are recommended to have all garments marked.

06. Pupils should not be kept at home from school unless ill or for some other very good reason.

07. The School Timetable is as follows:

      09.20: Classwork begins

     11.00:Short Break

     11.10: Classwork resumes

     12.15: Religion Class

     12.45: Lunch Break

     13.15: Classwork resumes

     15.00: School Finishes
      (Infants finish at 14.00)



01. All pupils are expected to be present for assemblies at 09.20 and 13.15

02. Pupils, who cycle to school, must walk from the gate to the parking area when entering, and from the parking area to the gate when leaving. All bicycles must be locked while parked in the school.

03. All pupils must wear the School uniform and be neat and clean.

04. Pupils are expected to keep their hair moderately short and well groomed. ('Mod' hair styles are not encouraged).

05. Entrance to and exit from the school will be through the approved gates only.

06. Pupils must remain in the school grounds during playtimes.

07. Only boys with Lunch Permits may go home for lunch.

08. Good care must be taken of all school property, furniture and equipment.

09. Pupils are expected to keep their classrooms and playgrounds tidy and free from litter.

10. In the interests of safety all pupils must:

  •  refrain from climbing walls, fences,  gates, trees. 
  •  swinging from crossbars or uprights
  • walk when inside the school building 
  • refrain from playing in the cloakrooms or  classrooms 
  • refrain from excessively rough or reckless  activities
  • remain in the school grounds while waiting for buses

11. Strictly forbidden is:

  • the use of 'nicknames'.
  • the use of  vulgar, obscene, or degrading language.
  • spoiling games organised by others.

12. Bullying in any shape or form will not be tolerated.

13. Pupils should not eat, drink or chew during class. Chewing gum is not
allowed in the school building or grounds.

Pupils should stand when a visitor enters the room unless otherwise directed.

15. When the teacher is out of the classroom, pupils must stay in their
own places and continue with their work.

16. A genuine effort with homework is expected from all pupils. (Weekends
will usually be free).

17. Under no circumstances are pupils permitted to interfere with the
property of others.

18. Disobedience or disrespect to any member of the school staff will not
be accepted under any circumstances.

19. All pupils are expected to take part in sport and other activities in
the school.

20. Good manners and courtesy are expected from all pupils. 


Keeping Ourselves And The Environment Clean

  • When you get up in the morning always wash your hands and face.
  • Before eating make sure your hands are clean.
  • After using the toilet always wash your hands well. 
  • Before going to bed at night it is important to wash yourself.
  • If you are in contact with animals or pets it is important that  you wash your hands well after handling them.
  • When you come in from play always wash your hands.
  • Clean nails do not carry germs - so make sure to keep them clean and clipped.
    (Remember to use your nail brush).
  • Brush your teeth regularly.
  • It is important to keep your body clean at all times.
  • It is alsoimportant to keep your hair clean, neat and tidy at all times.


  • forget to look after your feet as they should be kept clean and should always be washed after games.
  • allow anyone to borrow your brush or comb.


  • finished your meals always take the dirty dishes to the sink.


  • help to keep your own home clean and tidy by doing  your share of the

Do not

  • throw litter on the ground . . . keep your town, county and country clean and tidy.















I have the right to be happy and to be treated with understanding.



I have the responsibility to treat others with understanding, not laughing at, teasing or trying to hurt their feelings by hurtful remarks.



I have the right to be treated with respect and politeness.



I have the responsibility to treat other with understanding and to respect the authority of priests, teachers and parents.



I have the right to be safe.



I have the responsibility to make the school a safe place by not threatening, striking or attempting to injure anyone in any way .



I have the right to expect my property to be safe.



I have the responsibility not to steal, damage or destroy the property of others.



I have the right to obtain maximum benefit from my time in class - other pupils will not deprive me of this by their behaviour.



I have the responsibility to co-operate with my teachers. I will not
behave so as to interfere with other pupils' rights to learn.



I have the right to preserve my own good health.



I have the responsibility to refrain from smoking, drinking or taking drugs. I must never encourage other pupils to experiment with cigarettes, drink or drugs.