School Rules

St. Fintan’s Primary School – Mountrath


01.    All pupils are expected to be present for assemblies at 09:20 and 13:15.

02.    Pupils who cycle to school, must walk from the gate to the parking area when entering and from the parking area to the gate when leaving. All bicycles must be locked while parked in the school.

03.    All pupils must wear the school uniform and be neat and clean.

04.    The school uniform consists of: Grey T-shirt, Wine Pullover and Grey Pants.

05.    Pupils are expected to keep their hair moderately short and well groomed. (‘Mod hair styles are not encouraged’)

06.    Entrance to and exit from the school shall be through the gate only.

07.    Pupils must remain in the school grounds during playtimes.

08.    Only boys with lunch permits may go home for lunch.

09.    Good care must be taken of all school furniture, property and equipment.

10.    Pupils are expected to keep their classrooms and playgrounds tidy and free from litter.

11.    In the interests of safety all pupils must:

(a)    refrain from climbing walls, fences, gates, trees, swinging from crossbars or uprights.

(b)   walk when inside the school building.

(c)    refrain from playing in the cloakrooms or classrooms.

(d)   refrain from excessively rough or reckless activities.

(e)    remain in the school grounds while waiting for school buses.

12.    Bullying or fighting in any shape or form will not be tolerated.

13.    Strictly forbidden is:

(a)    the use of ‘nicknames’.

(b)   the use of unseemly, vulgar, obscene or degrading language.

(c)    spoiling games organised by others.

14.    Pupils should not eat, drink or chew during class. Chewing gum is not allowed in the school building or grounds.

15.    Pupils should stand when a visitor enters the classroom unless otherwise directed.

16.    When the teacher is out of the classroom, pupils must stay in their own places and continue with their work.

17.    A genuine effort with homework is expected from all pupils – weekends will usually be free.

18.    Under no circumstances are pupils permitted to interfere with the property of others.

19.    Disobedience or disrespect to any member of the school staff will not be accepted under any circumstances.

20.    All pupils are expected to take part in sport and other activities such as swimming in the school.

21.    Good manners and courtesy are expected from all pupils.